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  • Cyprus Grape Ale (gold)

    Cyprus Grape Ale (golden) 9 % vol.
    In collaboration with Tsiakkas winery we are going beyond the normal boundaries of the versatile indigenous variety of Cyprus, Xynisteri. A combination of the wild yeast from the variety with the brewers yeast create a unique grape ale. A full body grape ale with lingering aromas of citrus and white flowers and a lasting aftertaste.

  • Cyprus Grape Ale (ruby)

    Cyprus Grape Ale (ruby) 8 % vol.
    A deep ruby blend of ale beer and Xynisteri grapes with a full body. Sweet with notes of caramel, stone fruit and banana and a gentle acidity from the Xynisteri.

  • Lager Cumbaros Octopus

    Cumbaros Octopus Lager 4,6%
    Born from the collaboration with the brewmaster Roman Cozak in new Czech style. Gives you sensation of freshly baked bread and mowed grass, sweet on the tongue and with delicate freshness that can be drunk in one sip.

  • Weisse Farmer Octopus

    WEISSE Farmer Octopus 4,7%
    Brewed in modern Bavarian style, this beer gives the first impression of banana juice on the nose. Fresh citrus at the first sip, and the aftertaste of cloves and cumin.

  • Session IPA

    Session IPA Miss Octopus 4,7%
    An explosion of indescribable smells and flavors. We like to call them Mediterranean tropical… Passion fruit, peach, medlar, citrus, a full body and a final dryness make it suitable for aperitif or combined with braised meats and strong flavors.